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Sure, we could use this portion of our website to tell you how we founded our company in 2007 or how much we love being based in Rochester, NY or how our facilities can handle 30,000 shirts a week. But how does that help you?

Our customers are designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We want to help you succeed first and foremost. As former screenprinting consumers ourselves, we were frustrated by missed deadlines, poor quality control and a general lack of interest from the print shops we gave our business to. Have you ever had your shirts arrive a day after your event was scheduled, with missing sizes and spotty work? That happened to us, too, and we vowed to do our best to prevent that from happening to others.

For these reasons, we developed our Six-Point Quality Control process which keeps us hyper-involved with your order the entire way. Our account representatives are just steps from our manufacturing area; there’s no middle man to go through when questions or issues arise. We also have an open showroom policy. Stop in anytime Monday thru Friday and see our Six-Point process in action. We’d love to show you around.

We want your business to thrive, and we hope you’ll give us the chance to do our part.



  • First, we begin with a full digital mock-up process, working through the kinks to ensure your design looks as you intended and that our printing team is all on the same page.
  • We check for color consistency and defects (holes, etc.) on each of your garments before we begin printing.
  • We examine your colors using the Pantone system and under various sources of lighting to ensure your ink most closely resembles the color selected on your digital mock-up.
  • Next, we complete our “End of the Belt” check. As your pieces come through the dryer on a conveyor, we check for accuracy to the original design and overall uniformity.
  • When your shirts are complete, we make sure they’re packaged properly. They go out the door in our custom, structurally sound boxes with full plastic lining. Ever get a delivery on a wet, rainy day? We have, too, so we know how important it is to receive your product dry and ready to go.
  • Now your shirts are ready to ship! Your account rep will keep you informed of your tracking information and in-hand dates, ensuring your pieces arrive in time for your photo shoot, race day or corporate meeting.
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