Face Masks: DIY and places to buy

As the CDC states, we should all combine social distancing with wearing masks in public to keep our community safe. 

While we've seen a few other shops selling pre-made masks at a markup and offering to add custom prints, this isn't a service we feel comfortable profiting from as a company.

That doesn’t mean we can't still do our part, though. Below we’ve compiled a list of places to get masks directly from sellers in bulk, links to templates to make your own and Rochester artists and makers that you can support with a purchase of one of their hand made masks.


How to Format your Artwork Files for Screen Printing

Formatting your artwork correctly is the first step to getting a high-quality print. While a good art department should be attentive to these details and help you fix any errors, the best way to get your design quickly onto the press and printed with the best quality image is to send your artwork in the best format from the very beginning. 

Here are the formatting best practices Tiny Fish Printing recommends. 


Polo Knits, Fabrics and How to Choose the Best Polo Shirt for your Company Apparel

Pique, Jersey, Pima Cotton or Performance? The best polo will mean something different for different companies. Here's everything you need to know to choose a polo for your company apparel. 


How Google Trends Can Help Your Ecommerce Store

Beyond being pretty addicting to play around with, Google Trends is an amazing tool for your business. Below, we’ll look at some of the quick and easy ways you can use Google Trends informed decisions about marketing, and even starting, your apparel brand. 


T-shirts and Shrinkage

When you want to offer your customers a high-quality, lasting tee, shirts shrinkage is an important consideration that can make or break the changes of your customer reordering.


Cyber Monday Checklist

Side hustle, hobby or full time job: whatever motivates your ecommerce site, let's make sure it's ready for the holiday rush


5 Reasons for Ecommerce Apparel Returns (and how you can prevent them)

42% of online shoppers have returned a product they bought online in the last 6 months - and many of those returns can be traced to seller's mistakes. 


8 Apparel Trends for Fall and Winter 19/20

A look at some of the colors, styles and designs making an impact this season. 


A peek at Pantone’s Fall/Winter palette - and the apparel blanks to match

Here's 8 of Pantone's selected shades with blanks you can use in your next apparel project. 


Spiritwear: How to pick the best apparel blank

Start your school year off right with spirit building custom apparel.


Design with a Shine: Metallic Ink, Foil Transfer and Glitter

Metallics are a versatile way to make your custom apparel stand out. Here’s a look at three methods for bringing a shine to your design - and a few tips to help you create the perfect tee. 


Everything you need to know about custom printed tags

Good branding is thoughtful, intentional and consistent, and custom relabeling is an easy way to bring all those qualities to your apparel line. 


The ABCs of typography tees

Like all types of design, typography is governed by guidelines that help produce the best results. And while some of the very best ideas defy every convention, the following tips and considerations can help you get started. 


9 free fonts for your next typography tee

Totally over helvetica? Here’s 9 free fonts to try in your next apparel project.


A Tiny Fish Refresh (and how to tell when to change up your brand)

Our logo and typography have been revamped, but we’re not stopping there. Tiny Fish Printing is getting a refresh and we’re so excited to share it with you.


How to Use Google Forms to Collect T-Shirt Orders

Whether it’s a family reunion, a school event or a mission trip, collecting and organizing t-shirt orders can be a complicated and time consuming task. Luckily, the days of printing paper order forms, tracking down missing information and deciphering illegible handwriting as you type each size, color and name into a single document are over.


Summer in Style: Apparel Trends for 2019

This season's trends are everything you want the perfect summer to be: Bright, funky and fun, active yet easy-going - and a little bit nostalgic, too.  

From tie-dye and sunshine colors to natural textures and athleisure, here's a look at all the styles we’ll be seeing this summer.


5 Ways to Reduce the Footprint of Your Next Apparel Order

Even a few small adjustments can make for a more eco-concious order.


Event Apparel: 5 Steps to Awesome Swag

An easy and relatively inexpensive product, event apparel promotes engagement, unifies your group and, if your event is an annual one, can encourage attendees to return and even new ones to join in.  


How to design apparel with ViewSPORT water-activated ink

If you’re looking to use ViewSPORT ink as part of your next apparel project, check out these tips before you start your design.


Designing a hang tag? Here’s what information to include

An effective hang tag is so much more than a bit of paper listing price and size.


25 T-Shirt Terms to Know

When creating custom apparel, it's important to choose the right garment. But with all the variations and descriptions, choosing a blank for your design can be tough. We put together 25 terms to help you on your journey toward the perfect tee. 


Best St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts

There's still time to order custom apparel for your St. Patrick's Day event, bar crawl or party. We've put together some of our best green blanks to get you started. 


The 4 Best Styles for Apparel Photography

The expense of hiring a professional photographer can be intimidating, especially when you’re just starting out.  Luckily, you don’t need a big budget to create beautiful product photos. Here are 4 ways to style and shoot your apparel, even on the leanest of budgets.


How to Open an Online T-Shirt Store

If you’re looking to add merch to your company's arsenal or you’re ready to side-hustle with your own custom tees, here’s a step by step guide to opening your e-commerce site, with tips and tricks for everything along the way.


Meeting your Goals: Advice from 10 Rochester, NY Dreamers turned Doers

Whether you’re already well on your way or your resolutions are fading fast, these words of wisdom from 10 creators and founders, owners and organizers will help you keep working toward that dream. 


14 Tips for Effective Logo Design

Your logo should speak for your brand, but what to say and how to say it can be a bit intimidating.  We talked to designers, artists and Rochester businesses about what makes a good design - and how to craft a killer logo of your own. 


Fall in love: Design trends in 2018

Trends change like the seasons - here’s a few we’re excited about this fall.


Our Favorite Custom Hat Design Ideas

When your custom tees spend all the winter hibernating under jackets and scarves, hats are a great way to stay ahead with your branding. For whatever statement you want to make (big and bold or simple and subtle!) check out these ideas for customized caps:


A Guide to Using Instagram Shoppable Tags

If your posts have shoppable tags, your customer can instantly see your prices and go directly to your store to buy your products directly from the Instagram post. It’s the world’s best catalog.


How to Save Money on your Next T-Shirt Order

Every great organization deserves great custom apparel, but we understand that sometimes the initial investment can be daunting. Creating something as cool as custom shirts should never be scary, so we put together some quick suggestions on how to keep costs low when placing your next order.


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