Cyber Monday Checklist

November 5, 2019


01. Make sure your website looks its best

Are all your photos accurate, on brand and displaying your product in its best light? Is your copy - elements like your company statement and products descriptions - telling a story that differentiates your brand from others and helps convert into sales? Now is a great time to look over your site and make any adjustments.

02. Plan for mobile shopping 

How responsive is your site? Is your entire check out process mobile friendly? The ease of shopping from our phones is a given this holiday season, and sites set up for mobile purchases are expected. 



03. Make sure you’re using all the benefits of your platform

Most popular platforms have a host of additional features to ease the check out and promoting process. Are you using all those perks and integrations, like abandoned cart and shoppable tags and stories? 

04. Test (and adjust!) your ecommerce SEO search terms 

How much are you thinking about your SEO? Many ecommerce platforms now have the ability to make SEO easy. Look at what people were searching before and during cyber week last year and adjust your keywords to all the seasonally relevant terms. 

05. Ship for free - and offer promotions that people really want 

What are you offering customers to keep up with, and cut through, the competition? One of the biggest motivators for holiday sales is free shipping and free returns. Consider including both as part of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions.   

Buy one get one sales, bundled offers and brand collaborations can also entice and upsell customers. Who doesn’t like the feeling of getting something extra with their purchase? 


(Walker Sands)

06. Make sure inventory is up to date and fully stocked.

Do you really have what you think you have? Double check your inventory and make sure everything matches up. If you’re running promotions on any specific items, you’ll want to be sure you have a good stock of that product. Since most shoppers are purchasing with the holiday season in mind, selling out or over-selling an item is a mistake you don’t want to make. 

07. Double check your return policy 

Holidays mean an increase in sales - and an increase in returns as well. Now is a good time to look over your return policy. Is it clearly stated and easy to find? Do you have reasonable exceptions and specifications that protect your own interests without being unreasonable to customers? 




08. Up your social media presence

Especially for B2C companies, social media is the perfect way to reach new audiences. Are you varying your posts and showing the lifestyle behind your brand? Are you posting frequently and consistently about your products and promotions? Give your social media call to action. Be sure your website is linked and you're using all the integrations possible with your ecommerce platform, like shoppable tags and stories. 



09. Up your email frequency, too. 

Are you using your list to your advantage?  Email marketing is an effective way to get the attention of people who have already expressed an interest in your products and in keeping up with what you’re doing. 

Don’t have a mailing list yet? Set one up. Take advantage of your increased site traffic to keep in touch with your potential customers all year long. 

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