How to Save Money on your Next T-Shirt Order

April 10, 2014



At Tiny Fish the price of your order is determined by:

  • The price per shirt 
  • Brand/Style of Garment
  • Total number of print locations
  • Total number of colors in your design 
  • Total number of garments in your order
  • And if there are any extras (Garment Relabeling, Hang Tags, Water-Based/Discharge printing, etc) 

Here are 5 ways to cut down on costs when creating great custom apparel. 

1. Garment Selection

We make it easy to decide what brand/style of garment is right for you!
On the homepage of our website, select what kind of garment you're interested in (T-shirts, Tanks, etc). After that you'll see all of your options for brand/style of the garment you selected. To narrow it down even further, use the "Refine Your Search" tool on the left side of the page. You can view more competitively priced brand/styles by selecting "Basic & Economic" under the Style category.  

2. Color Reduction

It's important to consider how many colors of ink it takes to create your design. Each color requires a different screen used to print, which can increase costs. The fewer the colors, the cheaper your order! 

3. Location Reduction 

Similar to considering the amount of colors in your design, you may want to think about how many areas of the garment require printing as a part of your composition. For example- the print on the front of a t-shirt may be essential, but what about the design on the back or on the sleeve? Each design requires a different set of screens, which will add to your final cost. Cut the cost of your order by keeping your design simple! 

4. Timing  

This one is easy- if you need your custom apparel by a certain date, order a few weeks in advance! Rush orders may be necessary, but you'll save more money if they can be avoided. 

5. Size of Order

Generally, increasing the amount of the garments in your order will decrease the price per shirt. If you want more for your money, this is a great way to reduce overall costs. 

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