9 free fonts for your next typography tee

June 17, 2019


Totally over helvetica? Here’s 9 free fonts to try in your next apparel project.


1. Wask New - Condensed Sans Serif

Download here


2. Trouble - Bold Sans Serif 

Download here


3. Crafter - Handmade Vintage Sans Serif 

Download here


4. Understock - Vintage Serif 

Download here. 


5. Odachi - Brush Script

Download here


6. Selima - Brush Script 

Download here. 


7. Bernier - Vintage Decorative 

Download here


8. Maddac - Decorative 

Download here


9. Potra - Decorative 

Download here. 


Ready to get started? Read our ABCs of typography tees. 

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